European Therapeutics
Custom made Mattress

Personalized for your comfort


  • Custom made to any size
  • Ability to select your firmness
  • Made to order within 7-10 business days
  • Dual comfort both sides of the mattress.

Mattress Custom made

Fabric thats Inspired by Nature

Bamboo yarn is made from 100% bamboo pulp fiber that, as a totally biodegradable and sustainable natural product, is fast becoming the most Eco-friendly material of the 21st century. Once harvested, the bamboo is ground to a pulp from which silky soft threads are spun
The technology available to make high quality yarns and fabrics from bamboo is still relatively in its infancy. But theres no doubt that bamboo will enjoy an incredible future in the textile sector. Bamboo possesses a uniquely natural property that prevents and resists infestation by fungi and harmful bacteria. As a natural material with high breath ability and ventilation, Bamboo fabric has an excellent cooling and refreshing quality, thats what makes it so appealing when using it on Memory Foam Mattresses, or to cover your existing conventional mattress.

Our Materials.

bamboo quilting

100% Bamboo Quilting

Soft quilting
backed by 100% organic bamboo giving you an easy night of rest

High Density Foam

Made from 80% soy
Providing you durability so your mattress wont dent in over time

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